SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) is the most important convention for maritime safety. This convention came into being after the disaster of the Titanic in 1912. The SOLAS regulations include several safety items in various chapters. Fire safety for ships is described in chapter II-2, which includes the requirements to build, maintain or renovate a ship to ensure it is fire-safe.

Pooters uses certified materials and manufactures products to produce this kind of finished sheet material for you. In addition, Pooters also supplies the profiles to mount the constructions on walls and ceilings.
Ships are also subject to the total fire load requirements. In addition to fire-resistant constructions for walls, ceilings, hatches and the like, there are also products for other applications that are non-combustible or only contribute to the fire propagation to a limited extent. Materials that meet these requirements can, for example, be applied in the manufacture of furniture such as cabinets, tables and beds, to reduce the total fire load on a ship. Pooters offers various solutions to help reduce the fire load on a ship.

If you have any questions about the fire safety on board of a ship, you are invited to contact Pooters. We are happy to work with you to find the most efficient solutions.


IMO certified products with a MED certificate of the following brands are stocked by Pooters and processed to a create a finished product that meets the clients’ requirements. From flat pressed (sandwich) panels to postformed curved elements.
In our warehouse in Amersfoort we have our colour collection in stock. This collection is carefully compiled in collaboration with Duropal and Formica.

We can supply the IMO certified high-pressure laminate panels on IMO certified base materials such as Fipro, Promarine and MDF.
We have the right panels for fire prevention, noise reduction and weight saving.
Our 4 brands listed:

High Pressure Laminate:


Fire-resistant panels:


All other High Pressure Laminate brands/decors and/or sheet materials on request.